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Gourmet Muesli & Chocolate Bar Range

From our humble beginnings in 1999, Whisk & Pin was founded on our very first handcrafted batch of gourmet muesli. Today, we have re-imagined your favourite muesli blends into a long awaited and highly requested range of amazing Gourmet Muesli Bars and Chocolate Bars!

A GOURMET Muesli Bar! – what exactly makes a muesli bar gourmet? We searched all the shelves in all the stores endlessly for something that would tick the right boxes; a bar that was nourishing, indulgent and deliciously wholesome, and of course with just the right amount of crunch! – but we had no luck. It was at this point that we knew it was time to take our muesli beyond the bowl. So off we set again to the creative kitchen, with a bold idea and a bag of Gluten Free Muesli. We worked tirelessly for months; trying, mixing, tasting, unmixing, smooshing, trying and tasting again and again – wondering even if we were biting off more than could be chewed.

In the end it just boiled down to this: the simplest combination of the finest ingredients, add in a dash of familiarity, a hint of indulgence – and there you have it, a sensation is born! Traditionally, honey would be used to bind the ingredients in a muesli bar, and commonly even refined sugar syrups (yes really, we won’t say who). We decided that dates smooshed to a fine paste combined with tahini would be the winning choice for our muesli bars because of their taste, nutrition, and binding abilities.

But we have another secret ingredient behind these bars too – we’re not one to shy away from a little bit of hi-tech innovation. Our latest addition to the bakery toolkit, a one-tonne ultrasonic cutting blade gives us the edge we need to cut and portion our new bar range with beautiful accuracy and delicacy. Mind you, we blend, mix and label by hand – still as always.

We think we’ve set the bar pretty high – what do you think?