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Create Your Hamper


Curate and create a personalised hamper using any product you find online. Creating the perfect hamper is as simple as these 3 steps:

  • 1. Designed by You Choose either our White Gift Box or Jute Carry Bag, then explore our online store and fill your hamper with your chosen products
  • 2. Made by Us We make your gift here at our bakery, expertly wrapped and presented with love and care
  • 3. Delivered Australia-wide Your gift is safely packaged to travel anywhere in Australia. No matter where you need a beautiful gift, we can get it there.
If you have any questions, or would like assistance in creating the most amazing hamper, you can Contact Us.

Whisk & Pin’s Favourites Hamper

Our Favourites Hamper is overflowing with our most loved gourmet cookies and indulgent chocolate bars that will surprise, impress and delight any crowd. An indulgent selection suitable for 6-8 people.

The Taster Bag

For the person who wants a little taste of everything, this hamper is perfect for you!

Chocolate Time Gift Bag

Our extraordinary Chocolate Time Gift Bag is nothing short of divine! Chock full of some of our best selling Belgian chocolate goodies, this is a gift for anyone who loves chocolate – ie., just about all of us!

Pancake Hamper

Preparing for a Pancake surprise? The Pancake Hamper is packed with the fluffiest, creamiest and tastiest pancakes you’ll ever try. We’ve paired in locally-sourced seasonal Australian honey, and our favourite cast-iron pancake pan for the perfect pancake every time. Absolutely sure to deliver a bountiful gourmet breakfast that won’t be soon forgotten.

The Gluten Free Hamper


Brimming with Gluten Free Gourmet Goodies this hamper is guaranteed to delight, excite & inspire! Designed for not only the Gluten Intolerant amongst us, but anyone who simply LOVES scrumptiously delicious food!

Covering all bases, there’s something in here for breakfast, brunch, morning and afternoon teas and midnight snacking if the recipient is so inclined! Magnificent any time of the day or night, this glorious Gluten Free hamper is sure to delight whoever receives it – Gluten Intolerant or otherwise.


The Little Luxury Gift Bag


Talk about luxury!  If you need to send a thank you, let someone know you’re thinking of them, or tell someone you love them, then let our Little Luxury Gift Bag do the talking. Our gorgeous hand-rolled Bite Size cookies, stunning dried Mixed Berries and our Dark Orange Chocolate will say it all for you!

The Rocky Road Hamper

An enticing gift of our most famous Rocky Roads – a selection of handmade chocolates, crafted from soft marshmallow, fresh nuts, flavoursome fruits and lathers of pure Belgian chocolate.

Bite-Size Cookie Gift Box


Give that special someone the gift of variety! With a choice of 4 cookies varieties from our Bite-Size Cookie range, there is enough for everyone to love (gluten-free included)!

Ultimate Pancake Hamper

Our Ultimate Pancake Hamper has everything needed to turn any pancake lover into fully fledged Domestic Pancake Master. To mix it up in true style from Mason Cash, the Hedge Hog Mixing Bowl and Balloon Whisk provide the essential starting point for their pancake passion. The included cast-iron pancake pan is perfectly size and provides the ideal cooking surface for the perfect pancake every time. And the star of the show – a banquet selection of the creamiest, fluffiest and most delicious pancake mixes you’ll ever try. We’ve even managed to squeeze in our favourite seasonal fresh local honey, for that extra indulgent touch.

Little Celebration Hamper


Bubble bath again for grandma? Woollen socks for grandad? Gift voucher for mum? Or how about doing something different this year? Why not dispense with the ‘same old same old’ and send someone you love our Little Celebration Hamper that’s positively brimming with delicious yuletide excitement!

The choice is yours – watch granny’s eyes glaze over as she opens that bubble bath – or watch her go wild with crazy excitement when the lid comes off that hamper! The Whisk & Pin Little Celebration Hamper. It’s time for change.

Red Wine & Chocolate Hamper

Exquisite Whisk & Pin Belgian chocolates paired with Max’s Shiraz from Penfolds provides the means to a moment of ultimate comfort and indulgence.

The Feeling Fruity Hamper

Impress your fruity friend with our 100% naturally filled hamper of fabulous Australian dried fruits. This hamper is gluten-free and vegan.

Whisk & Pin’s Fanciful Favourites

When the crowd calls for an indulgent and delicious after-lunch feast, this box of our most treasured Whisk & Pin cookies and chocolate bars will surprise, impress and delight. A grand selection suitable for 12-15 people.

Cookie Hamper


Our charming collection of cookies is choc full of our hand rolled gourmet cookies, which we freshly bake everyday.

Your cookie lover will experience a sensational range of unique and tantalising cookie combinations and flavours.

From our soft and chewy Muesli Cookies, to the melt-in-your-mouth buttery shortbreads, to our light and crisp Apple & Cinnamon cookies.

Breakfast with Whisk & Pin Hamper


Stand back! There’s so much morning deliciousness bursting out of this hamper it’s likely to explode! But where to start? A cup of perfectly brewed English Williamson tea perhaps? A few deliciously creamy pancakes? Maybe a bowl of wholesome Muesli? We believe breakfast should be celebrated – not endured – and should be absolutely scrumptious always. So send a Whisk & Pin Breakfast Hamper today and let someone lift the lid on outrageous breakfast deliciousness.

Australian Indulgence Hamper

Savour a good bottle of Australian red. Paired with Spiced Nuts, sun kissed Australian mango, cookies and Rocky Road. A gift to set the tone to a terrific Australian gourmet experience wherever you are.

The Fabulously Fruity Hamper

When an apple a day just doesn’t cut it – deliver them a gift box positively and absolutely overflowing with our dazzling assortment of fantastic fruity delights.

Coffee & Chocolate Hamper


Combining the seductive indulgence of fine Belgian chocolate with the smooth and rich flavour of local roasted Cassiopeia coffee.

The Ultimate Rocky Road Hamper

Rock someone’s world with our Ultimate Rocky Road Hamper, a superb selection totalling 2.3kg of our most popular chocolate. They’ll uncover a journey of incredible indulgence across all of our famous Rocky Roads. All our Rocky Roads are handcrafted from pure Belgian chocolate, combined with dried fruits and roasted nuts.

The Little Luxury Gluten Free Gift Bag


Who doesn’t love a little luxury – especially if it’s entirely Gluten Free! If you need to send a thank you, let someone know you’re thinking of them, or tell someone you love them, then let our Little Luxury Gluten Free Gift Bag do the talking! Gorgeous hand-rolled Bite Size cookies, stunning dried Mixed Berries and our Dark Orange Chocolate will say it all for you!

Chocolate Express Hamper

A taste of every thing that has chocolate! From our chocolate Roads to our chocolate Oranges there something that everyone will like.

A Taste Of Whisk & Pin Hamper

Indulge yourself in our Taste of Whisk & Pin Hamper. We are inviting you to try a little of everything we make. This is perfect for a gift or any occasion allowing everyone to have a taste of Whisk & Pin!

Afternoon Tea For 2 Hamper

When there’s time for tea, why not enjoy the best? Make that moment of afternoon bliss truly special with a pot of the finest English loose leaf tea, paired with our bite-size cookies and locally produced honey. All you need to decide is who to enjoy this with.