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Buttermilk Powder


Our Australian buttermilk powder is your secret ingredient to add silky and luxurious creaminess to your baking recipes like muffins, pancakes and waffles.

Powdered buttermilk is the perfect replacement for liquid buttermilk, as it keeps for longer and can be used as needed without fear of waste.

How to use

Use a ratio of 1 part powder and 8 parts water when reconstituting buttermilk powder, to produce a liquid with the composition of fluid buttermilk.

e.g. Combine 125g of buttermilk powder with 1 litre of water.

Raspberry Freeze-Dried Whole


Unbelievably intense in flavour, our freeze dried berries are fantastic additions to desserts, muesli, or to eat on their own! Whole raspberries are put into a vacuum chamber where all moisture is extracted, leaving behind the berries in the full form.

Blueberry Freeze-Dried Whole


Only the freshest Tasmanian-grown Blueberries make it into our freeze-dried berries. First they are washed and frozen, then freeze-dried. After 24 hours in the freeze dryer they are crisp, dry and moisture-free.
It takes 7kg of fresh Blueberries to create 1kg of freeze-dried Blueberries.

Cottesbrook Honey

Australian Orange Blossom Honey 400g


Sourced directly from local bee farms in regional NSW, this is pure Australian Orange Blossom honey – a divine selection that is a must for your pantry.
Enjoy this fruity, delicate flavour with a hint of citrus – best enjoyed lathered over Whisk & Pin Blueberry & Buttermilk Pancakes, or perhaps drizzled over a hot bowl of Whisk & Pin Hazelnut & Peach Porridge! However you choose to indulge, this honey will dazzle your tastebuds with the fresh seasonal flavours of the Central Tablelands, NSW.

Apple Freeze-Dried

Direct from Tasmania, these Freeze Dried Snap apples are intense in flavour while bringing a unique texture and flavour to our products. The “snap” is created by removing 100% of the moisture whilst leaving behind all of the fruit through a vacuum chamber – interesting hey ! A perfect, healthy snak straight from the pack. Keep in mind if they are not kept in a sealed airtight container – they will start to draw moisture and soften as they become reconstituted with moisture – still delicious!
Grounded Pleasures

Marshmallows 140g


The divine joy of tasting the sweet, velvety and luscious texture of a melting marshmallow immersed in hot chocolate cannot be surpassed. Hot chocolate and marshmallows are a perfect match and we gladly concede that it is hard to have one without the other.

These exquisite marshmallows are made in the town of Ballarat in regional Victoria, Australia. They are gluten free, preservative free and dairy free with natural colours and flavours. Each box contains two flavours, vanilla bean and raspberry.

Good enough to devour by themselves or toast over the campfire….. but we just love melting them in our hot chocolate!

The Sticky Pot

Strawberry, Rhubarb & Vanilla Jam 317g


Tarty and Decadent.

More than just a spread. This jam adds a little luxe to your naughty thickshake or ice cream. Also a fan of mixing a tablespoon of this to white rum to make a Strawberry Mojito. Yum!!

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Australian Organic Oats


The best oats are bold and in full form, whole. Grown in South Australia, we only us the best of the crop for all our Whisk & Pin muesli’s that have full structure, texture, goodness and taste. No quick oats or added sugar here.

Use for making porridge, creating your own muesli base and cooking – full form, healthy and tastes great!

Raspberry Freeze-Dried Powder


Unbelievably intense in flavour, our freeze dried berries are fantastic additions to desserts, muesli, or to eat on their own! Whole raspberries are put into a vacuum chamber where all moisture is extracted, leaving behind the berries in the full form. We have then blitzed the berries into a consistent fine powder – which gives you the perfect secret ingredient for adding amazing flavour and colour to your baking and desserts!

Organic Spelt Puffs


The ancient spelt grain has a soft texture with a lovely nutty flavour.

Albumen Powder


The secret ingredient to your baking, this egg white powder (‘albumen’) is made from quality eggs. Use in place of fresh egg whites.

How do I reconstitute and use the egg white?

One part by weight of Egg White Powder to seven parts by weight of water. Determine the amount of water required, then add the powder to the water while mixing. Whisk or beat to desired consistency. Refrigerate any reconstituted Egg White Powder between 0 deg C and 4 deg C and use within 24 hours.

The Pudding Lady

Traditional Christmas Pudding

The Pudding Lady’s traditional puddings use only the very best Australian ingredients, combined with family traditions of love and gratitude. Bursting with rich, vine ripened fruits, creamy butter, sweet sun kissed oranges, finely milled flour, distilled Australian spirits, farm fresh eggs and superb spices from across the globe. The enjoyment of one of these special puddings is an occasion in of itself!
The Pudding Lady

Brandy Custard Sauce 250ml

As traditional a match as any, the Pudding Lady’s Brandy Custard Sauce is made with the same top-quality brandy used in their puddings. Deliciously rich and luscious, this sauce is for those who like to stick with tradition. It’s the ultimate accompaniment to Christmas pudding and ideal for adults looking to get even more kick out of their dessert.
The Sticky Pot

Blueberry & Coconut Jam 300g


Dark, rich, sticky with a nutty hint of toasted coconut. It’s blueberry jam, but not as you know it.

White Mulberries Dried


Whole sun-dried berries that are chewy and caramelly-sweet in flavour.

Lemon Whole Dried Powder


What intense, amazing form of the humble lemon. This is created by drying the entire lemon then “blitzing” to a powder. We use to create a wonderful flavour to our Bircher Muesli – soaking our Bircher overnight with milk or juice allows the lemon to infuse the entire blend in combination and balance of figs, oats and barberries. Sensational!

Lemon Powder can be used in many recipes savoury and sweet where a punch of lemon is required.

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Dutched Cocoa Powder


Dutch process cocoa is a smooth and mellow flavour compared to natural cocoa. Since Dutch process cocoa isn’t acidic, it doesn’t react with alkaline leaveners like baking soda to produce carbon dioxide. Using Dutched cocoa powder will result in a richer and deeper “chocolate” flavor in your baking.

Almonds Whole & Raw


So you love Almonds? – who doesn’t, natural or slightly roasted we use then across a wide variety of our blends in muesli, nut mix’s and Almond meal in slices. We only use Australian straight from source, Carmel and if we can’t get them Nonpareil variety – packed full of health energy for you day. So if you like a handful to snack occasionally or regularly, add this pack to your shopping cart! If you want to know about the Almond check this site out.

Macadamia Pink Salted & Roasted


How can anyone resist these Ozzie nuts? – super delicious at any time!

We lightly roast for a delicate contrast in our Desert Road Chocolate blocks – White Belgian Chocolate in fused with fresh made caramel, throw in the salted macadamia’s and you have total deliciousness!

Honeycomb Sprinkles


Crafted with real Blue Mountains honey – a spectacular and wicked ice-cream topper. We love to drench our honeycomb in Belgian Chocolate.

  • Sprinkle over icecream
  • Use to top cakes or muffins with colour and texture
  • Add to homemade cookies

Barberries Dried


Hand harvested from the ground sprawling desert shrub also known as Berberis – this Middle-Eastern superfood packs a punch, so don’t let their small size fool you. Zesty, sweet and aromatic, they liven up couscous and rice dishes, and are great in salads, muesli and smoothies. We use our barberries in our Gluten Free and Bircher Muesli.