From the Misty Blue Mountains of Australia


We handmake the most delicious products using only the finest ingredients in our Blue Mountains kitchens – from our home to yours.

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Food Hampers

Stunningly presented and absolutely guaranteed to be bursting at the seams with gourmet goodies! Perfectly packaged, we can deliver your delights Australia-wide.

The Taste of Whisk & Pin Hamper
Hampers & Gifts

Deliver a delightful Gourmet Gifting Experience – to anywhere in Australia, using one of our expertly curated hamper designs. Or get creative and choose from 100’s of uniquely tantalising products for the ultimate tailored gift.

the Whisk & Pin

We live and breathe by the philosophies we set for ourselves over 20 years ago. They’re the pillar of what makes each and every Whisk & Pin product distinct from anything else. For every step and decision we make, we always ensure we stay true to what makes Whisk & Pin like no other:

Always be
the most delicious

Our mission is to bring you the best ingredients in their best form, to create the best tasting Gourmet Muesli, Cookies and Chocolates.

Yes that’s what we really believe, we taste test everything in our bakery everyday to make sure every product is perfect – so we feel qualified in blowing our trumpets here!
We’re all about delighting the senses at every blissful bite, so you can turn any ordinary moment into a moment of joy with Whisk & Pin!

the Handmade

DID YOU KNOW our products are not made by machines? That sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it; why would we go to the fuss of rolling each and every cookie, blending every bag of muesli, or rocking every Rocky Road – using only our hands?

Here’s why you’ll know it’s handmade by Whisk & Pin:

The taste is vivid, definitive and truly unique – like something that has just come from the home kitchen. Flavours are bold, and a symphony of individual whole ingredients join together in harmonious deliciousness.

The texture is marvellous and delivers bursts of pure delight into every bite. Each mouthful is an exciting new experience of varied texture as you discover each and every ingredient in our creations – some in ways you had never thought possible until now.

The form is beautiful to behold, you can really see every distinct ingredient in each and every product. If our ingredients had emotions, you could clearly tell they were beaming with pride for having made it into a Whisk & Pin Gourmet Creation.

The passion is what ties it all together – just as a warm silky brandy does after dinner. We don’t list this one in the ingredients, but when you taste a Whisk & Pin product you’ll always know its in there.

the Paddock-to-Plate

We use only pure natural ingredients fresh from the farm, and never any preservatives or artificial additives. We always source locally from Australian Growers first.

By minimizing processing, we bring the most natural and wholesome ingredients straight to your bowl – as close as possible to that moment they were first picked on the farm.

We always source the very best quality ingredients and in their most natural form possible – from the wholesome oats we use straight from the paddock in South Australia, to the sun-kissed Queensland dried fruit we use in all our gourmet muesli.


We’re a family-run business that is 100% Australian owned and operated.


If you’re as passionate about gourmet foods as we are, we’d love to be in touch! We offer wholesale facilities to businesses looking to resell Whisk & Pin Products – register your interest by applying online.

Minimums and other criteria apply.

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