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AVANTI Ceylon Glass Teapot 750ml


The Avanti Ceylon Glass Teapot is perfect for brewing and serving all types of tea. It is crafted from heat resistant borosilicate glass that offers a crystal-clear finish that lets you visually enjoy the rich colour as the tea brews. It features a stainless steel infuser that ensures maximum infusion of your favourite loose tea and can be removed for steeping teabags. The large lid opening makes filling with boiling water simple and safe and the spout has been specially shaped to prevent drips when pouring.


AVANTI Universal Tea Strainer


Brewing your favourite cup of tea is now easier than ever with the Avanti Premium Universal Tea Strainer. Made from high quality stainless steel, it features laser etched micro perforations which enable you to brew fine teas to large whole-leaf teas. Designed with plenty of room for tea to fully expand, allowing maximum flavour extraction and the perfect, even brew every time. The handle allows the infuser to sit upon mugs and a variety of teapots.


AVANTI Oslo Square Glass Teapot 1000ml


Merging form and function, the Avanti Oslo Square Glass Teapot is beautifully crafted in a unique square shape that is durable yet stylish.

Carefully constructed from durable glass, this gorgeous BPA-free teapot comes with a stainless steel infuser for you to easily brew aromatic tea blends or tisanes for a lovely tea session in the afternoon.


Avanti European Beechwood Honey Dipper

Drizzle honey into tea and on toast, waffles or pikelets with the traditionally designed Avanti® Honey Dipper. Crafted from environmentally friendly sustainable tropical hardwood, it is resistant to fungus, bacteria and mould. It features deep ridges at the end for the bees’ nectar to cling to as you extract it from the jar, allowing you to slowly drizzle honey on or in your desired item. Hand wash only.
  • Traditional design
  • Crafted from environmentally friendly sustainable tropical hardwood
  • Deep ridges to easily collect and dispense honey
  • Will not scratch surfaces

Avanti European Beechwood Citrus Reamer

The Avanti Citrus Reamer is a classic way to juice lemons and oranges in seconds. Used to quickly and efficiently extract juice from any citrus fruit, this sturdy, solid Rubber wood tool doesn't react with acidic juices, increasing longevity and durability. This reamer is easy to use and ideal for juicing small citrus fruits like lemons and limes with no kitchen is complete without one. Easy to use, simply cut fruit in hal, grasp in the palm of your hand and press the reamer into the fruit. Twist the reamer to release the juice from the fruit.
  • Traditional design
  • Solid wood construction for long term durability
  • Easy to use and clean

Avanti Camelia Teapot 350ml Fire Engine Red

The Avanti® Camelia Teapot is the ideal vessel for infusing your favourite black, green, white or herbal teas. This café style ceramic teapot is simple and stylish and complements any décor. To suit both the traditional and contemporary tea drinker, it features a stainless steel infuser insert that is perfect for brewing loose leaf teas and can be removed for steeping teabags. The spout has been specially shaped to prevent drips when pouring and has a practically-sized handle.
  • 350ml capacity
  • Stainless steel infuser
  • Ceramic body maintains the temperature of hot water
  • Flip top lid and removable infuser allows for ease of filling with tea leaves and assists with cleaning

Avanti Camelia Milk And Sugar Set

Sweeten your guests tea or coffee, with the Avanti® Camelia Milk and Sugar Set. This café style set is simple & stylish and suits both the traditional and contemporary tea and coffee drinker. Use the set on its own or co-ordinate with the matching Avanti® Camelia Teapot.

AVANTI Classic Rolling Pin


The Classic Rolling Pin is designed to measure 50cm in length making it more convenient to evenly flatten out dough or pastry for a smooth surface.

The classic style makes free-rolling even easier for bakers as they don’t have to apply as much pressure as the normally would. Its 43cm x 6cm, just wipe to clean and is free rolling making it easy.