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Pancake Hamper

Preparing for a Pancake surprise? The Pancake Hamper is packed with the fluffiest, creamiest and tastiest pancakes you’ll ever try. We’ve paired in locally-sourced seasonal Australian honey, and our favourite cast-iron pancake pan for the perfect pancake every time. Absolutely sure to deliver a bountiful gourmet breakfast that won’t be soon forgotten.

Ultimate Pancake Hamper

Our Ultimate Pancake Hamper has everything needed to turn any pancake lover into fully fledged Domestic Pancake Master. To mix it up in true style from Mason Cash, the Hedge Hog Mixing Bowl and Balloon Whisk provide the essential starting point for their pancake passion. The included cast-iron pancake pan is perfectly size and provides the ideal cooking surface for the perfect pancake every time. And the star of the show – a banquet selection of the creamiest, fluffiest and most delicious pancake mixes you’ll ever try. We’ve even managed to squeeze in our favourite seasonal fresh local honey, for that extra indulgent touch.

Breakfast with Whisk & Pin Hamper


Stand back! There’s so much morning deliciousness bursting out of this hamper it’s likely to explode! But where to start? A cup of perfectly brewed English Williamson tea perhaps? A few deliciously creamy pancakes? Maybe a bowl of wholesome Muesli? We believe breakfast should be celebrated – not endured – and should be absolutely scrumptious always. So send a Whisk & Pin Breakfast Hamper today and let someone lift the lid on outrageous breakfast deliciousness.

The Marvellous Muesli Hamper

Know someone who just LURVES their Muesli? Someone who perhaps springs unnaturally out of bed in the morning before the alarm and jogs to the kitchen in anticipation of that morning bowl? Well this is the hamper for them! Four of the most stunning muesli blends in the Milky Way and some gorgeous accompaniments to put even more of a spring in the step of all those gorgeous Muesli addicts out there.

Gluten Free Breakfast with Whisk & Pin


This scrumptious Hamper isn’t just for the gluten intolerant amongst us, but for everyone who LOVES scrumptious, wholesomely delicious food! Kick off breakfast with a stack of Apple & Spice Pancakes with a dollop of Strawberry, Rhubarb & Vanilla Jam––or maybe a bowl of Almond & Quinoa Muesli all washed down with a cup of exquisite Williamson tea. But wait––there’s more! The perfect Hamper for loved ones, friends or colleagues looking to add some gourmet excitement to their mornings!

The Christmas Breakfast Hamper

The lucky recipient of our Christmas Breakfast hamper will be absolutely spoilt for breakfast choice this Christmas: A bowl of Berry Crunch Muesli with a cup of exquisite Williamson tea? A stack of festive Cranberry & Orange pancakes? Or maybe some sumptuous Christmas Pudding with a dollop of heavenly Custard Sauce – it is Christmas after all! There is simply so much scrumptious breakfast choice in this Hamper – give your loved one a Christmas breakfast they’ll remember forever!

Vegan Delights Hamper


Oh là là! What an exquisite collection of scrumptious Vegan delights! From our Summer Muesli to our Dark Orange Chocolate, from our Almond & Hazelnut Cocoa Bites to our sun-dried Strawberries – there is something for absolutely EVERYONE in this divinely delicious Hamper – 100% Vegan 100% Guaranteed to delight!

Family Breakfast Feast Hamper


It’s a Family Affair! Scrumptiously wholesome & downright delicious, this Hamper is bursting with breakfast gorgeousness for everyone! Featuring three of our best selling Mueslis, our Blueberry & Buttermilk Pancake Mix, our famous Muesli Cookies, Williamson Tea, Blueberry & Coconut Jam and more, more, more! This Hamper will get EVERYONE excited about breakfast and bring a GOURMET start to their day!

The Organic Hamper

The Organic Hamper is filled with some of our most loved organic products. Guaranteed to fall in love bite after bite.

Breakfast Essentials Hamper

Indulge in a combination of exquisite organic manuka honey, hand blended gourmet muesli and Australian sun-kissed dried mangoes. Bring some depth and richness to any breakfast.

Sweet Gourmet Breakfast Delight

Gift your mum a gourmet breakfast hamper to feast on all day long. Mother’s Day breakfast starts with Whisk & Pin Mountain Granola, followed by Blueberry & Buttermilk Organic Pancake. For afternoon tea, your mum can enjoy Glorious Vanilla Gluten Free Muffins paired with an exceptional Williamson black tea + more.

Whisk & Pin Signature Muesli Hamper

Gift someone a pantry full of the most gorgeous collection of delectable muesli. Each blend handcrafted and characterised with a unique combination of nutritious and wholesome ingredients. Enjoy Whisk & Pin muesli On-The-GO, with a stylish breakfast jar, complete with spoon and leak proof lid. Live each day vibrantly with the goodness of tasty wholefood to start your day.

Mother’s Day High Tea Extravaganza

A triumphant hamper showcasing sophisticated teas, handcrafted cookies and exquisite Australian organic manuka honey. A gift that will enable for special afternoon teas and gatherings of all sorts.

Champagne Breakfast Hamper

Sometimes we all need to take time out, smell the roses––and have Champagne and Muesli for breakfast! This Hamper is positively brimming with breakfast gorgeousness––Blueberry & Buttermilk Pancake Mix, QLD dried fruits, Strawberry, Rhubarb & Vanilla Jam and more! Just the ticket for anyone who has something to celebrate or who simply needs to kick back and indulge in some of the finer things in life!

The Christmas Champagne Breakfast Hamper

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine – or more specifically French Taittinger Champagne! The lucky recipient of our Christmas Champagne Breakfast hamper will be absolutely spoilt for breakfast choice this Christmas: anyone for a glass of French Champagne with a bowl of Berry Crunch Muesli? A stack of festive Cranberry & Orange pancakes? Or maybe some sumptuous Christmas Pudding with a dollop of heavenly Custard Sauce – it is Christmas after all! Give your loved one a Christmas breakfast they’ll remember forever!

The Honey Bear’s Bounty Hamper

Positively BUZZING with Australian Manuka Honey (with Turmeric, Strawberries + Choco!), local Orange Blossom Honey, our hand dipped Honey Crunch Rocks, a gorgeous Honey Spoon and our best selling Honey, Banana, Macadamia bite size Cookies, this Hamper will definitely BEE a big hit with your friends, loved ones or colleagues!