Our Gluten Free hampers are so delicious, they can be enjoyed by everyone, not just the Gluten Free amongst us. Make your loved one’s day sparkle with some Gluten Free joy!

Food Hampers / Gluten Free Hampers

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Chocolate Time Gift Bag

Our extraordinary Chocolate Time Gift Bag is nothing short of divine! Chock full of some of our best selling Belgian chocolate goodies, this is a gift for anyone who loves chocolate – ie., just about all of us!

The Gluten Free Hamper


Brimming with Gluten Free Gourmet Goodies this hamper is guaranteed to delight, excite & inspire! Designed for not only the Gluten Intolerant amongst us, but anyone who simply LOVES scrumptiously delicious food!

Covering all bases, there’s something in here for breakfast, brunch, morning and afternoon teas and midnight snacking if the recipient is so inclined! Magnificent any time of the day or night, this glorious Gluten Free hamper is sure to delight whoever receives it – Gluten Intolerant or otherwise.


The Rocky Road Hamper

An enticing gift of our most famous Rocky Roads – a selection of handmade chocolates, crafted from soft marshmallow, fresh nuts, flavoursome fruits and lathers of pure Belgian chocolate.

The Feeling Fruity Hamper

Impress your fruity friend with our 100% naturally filled hamper of fabulous Australian dried fruits. This hamper is gluten-free and vegan.

The Fabulously Fruity Hamper

When an apple a day just doesn’t cut it – deliver them a gift box positively and absolutely overflowing with our dazzling assortment of fantastic fruity delights.

The Ultimate Rocky Road Hamper

Rock someone’s world with our Ultimate Rocky Road Hamper, a superb selection totalling 2.3kg of our most popular chocolate. They’ll uncover a journey of incredible indulgence across all of our famous Rocky Roads. All our Rocky Roads are handcrafted from pure Belgian chocolate, combined with dried fruits and roasted nuts.

The Little Luxury Gluten Free Gift Bag


Who doesn’t love a little luxury – especially if it’s entirely Gluten Free! If you need to send a thank you, let someone know you’re thinking of them, or tell someone you love them, then let our Little Luxury Gluten Free Gift Bag do the talking! Gorgeous hand-rolled Bite Size cookies, stunning dried Mixed Berries and our Dark Orange Chocolate will say it all for you!

Chocolate Express Hamper

A taste of every thing that has chocolate! From our chocolate Roads to our chocolate Oranges there something that everyone will like.

Gluten Free Bite-Size Gift Box

Give that special gluten-free someone the gift of variety! With a choice of 4 cookies or chocolate varieties from our Bite-Size Cookie range, there is enough for everyone to love!

Champagne & Chocolate Hamper

Exquisite Whisk & Pin Belgian chocolates paired with French Champagne provides the ultimate in comfort and indulgence.

Dairy Free Delights Hamper

Holy Cow! A dairy-free hamper that is also gluten-free – what could be more delightful? With Rosemary & Pink Salted Cashews, Almond & Quinoa Muesli, Dark Chocolate Orange, Seven Spice Chai and more, this Hamper will udderly delight anyone who’s giving dairy a miss!

The Little Marshmallow Gift Box


Oh là là – talk about scrumptious AND sumptuous! Gorgeous Marshmallows, dark Belgian chocolate Rocky Road and Belgian milk chocolate Milky Road, this decadently delicious Gift Box is guaranteed to Excite and Delight!

Gluten Free Breakfast with Whisk & Pin


This scrumptious Hamper isn’t just for the gluten intolerant amongst us, but for everyone who LOVES scrumptious, wholesomely delicious food! Kick off breakfast with a stack of Apple & Spice Pancakes with a dollop of Strawberry, Rhubarb & Vanilla Jam––or maybe a bowl of Almond & Quinoa Muesli all washed down with a cup of exquisite Williamson tea. But wait––there’s more! The perfect Hamper for loved ones, friends or colleagues looking to add some gourmet excitement to their mornings!

The Tremendously Nutty Hamper


Some of us are nuttier than others – that’s why we’ve piled our best nuts together into a tremendous collection of what we consider our most more-ish, superbly snackable hamper yet.

Sure to impress and delight the most discerning of nut-lovers.

The Gluten Free Christmas Feast Hamper


Positively brimming with gorgeous Gluten Free goodies that will take the lucky recipient from snack to breakfast, afternoon tea to dessert – and everything in between! Gluten Free Apple & Spice pancakes for breakfast or Glorious Vanilla muffin mix for morning tea – don’t mind if I do! This Hamper is so scrumptious it can be enjoyed by everyone, not just the Gluten Free amongst us. Make your loved one’s Christmas sparkle this year with Gluten Free joy!

Dark Chocolate Hamper

A seductively indulgent selection of our most luxurious Dark Chocolates.

Sweet Sensations Hamper


Ooh, la la! Everything in our Sweet Sensations Hamper – from our air dried Mango to our white Belgian Snowy Road, from our Almond & Hazelnut Cocoa Bites to our chewy dried Cherries will bring your friend, colleague or loved ones good vibrations and excitations!

Gluten Free Cookies & Chai Gift Box

Gloriously Gluten Free, this little Gift Box is not just for those avoiding gluten but for absolute everyone who loves scrumptious cookies! Featuring our stunning bite-size Chocolate Mud cookies, Lemon & Vanilla Shortbreads and glorious Seven Spice Chai, this Gift Box is nothing short of heavenly!

Fruit & Chocolate Hamper


When you can’t decide whether to be naughty or nice, with our Fruit & Chocolate Hamper we’ve simply said – why not both?

You’ll dazzle their tastebuds with a mouth-watering selection of our most popular dried Australian fruits, and the indulgence of our divine Belgian chocolate.


Gluten Free Chocolate Hamper


Wow – 100% Gluten Free and 100% decadently delicious this Hamper will appeal to absolutely everyone – not just the Gluten Free amongst us! Every single gourmet goodie here is made with absolute deliciousness in mind using only the simplest combination of the very finest ingredients. From our hand-dipped Honey Crunch Rocks to our Dark Chocolate Orange, from our Chocolate Mud Cookies to our caramel and Belgian white chocolate Desert Road – every dreamy item in this GF Hamper will leave the recipient in Gluten Free heaven and wanting more, more, more!

The Magic of Christmas Gluten Free Hamper


Many things go towards making Christmas magical and one of them is our Magic of Christmas Gluten Free Hamper! Packed with Dark Chocolate Orange, Almond & Hazelnut Cocoa Bites, Lemon & Vanilla Shortbreads and more, our scrumptious Gluten Free products are lovingly made with the simplest combination of the finest ingredients to be enjoyed by everyone – not just the gluten intolerant amongst us!

Gluten Free Feast Hamper


It’s said that love is a many-splendored thing – but so is our Gluten Free Feast Hamper! Fit to bursting with GF gorgeousness, this Hamper covers all bases – from our Almond & Quinoa muesli to our Apple & Spice Pancake Mix; from our GF Chocolate Mud Cookies right through to gourmet savoury Spicy Mango Chutney, Butter Chicken Cooking Sauce and more! This Hamper is 100% GF and 100% OUTSTANDING and made for absolutely everyone – not just the GF amongst us!

Gluten Free Cookies & Tea Gift Box


Pop the kettle on! This stunning Gift Box features the most exquisite Williamson Tea Bags (100% UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certified), our Gluten Free Chocolate Mud Bite-Size Cookies and Lemon & Vanilla Bite-Size Cookies––and it’s not just for the Gluten Free amongst us, but for EVERYONE who loves all things delicious!

Christmas Cider for Two Hamper

All we want for Christmas is you – and the Christmas Cider for Two Hamper! This Hamper is positively bursting with a host of gorgeous goodies for that special couple who love being cosy at Christmas. There’s boutique Hillbilly Vintage Cider, Christmas pudding, Rosemary & Pink Salted Cashews, Cinnamon Drinking Chocolate, Pineapple & Cardamom Jam and more! We’ve included everything here to make your special couple’s Christmas even more special – the only thing missing is the mistletoe! *Select either Gluten Free or Traditional Pudding