Blue Mountains Gourmet Originals
Made in the Blue Mountains

NSW, Australia

The Whisk & Pin Gourmet Hampers range has a scrumptious hamper for every occasion. Stunningly presented and absolutely guaranteed to be bursting at the seams with wholesome handmade gourmet goodies!

Shop Food Hampers by Type

Find the perfect gift for the ardent foodie - whether they're a cookie connoisseur, a chocolate fanatic, or tea aficionado, you can be sure a Whisk & Pin Food Hamper will hit the spot.

Breakfast Hampers (15)

Chocolate Hampers (19)

Coffee & Tea Hampers (7)

Cookie Hampers (12)

Fruit Hampers (3)

Gluten Free Hampers (24)

Nut Hampers (3)

Picnic & BBQ Hampers (4)

Shop Food Hampers by Occasion

With scrumptious hampers curated for every occasion, you can be sure a Whisk & Pin Food Hamper is the perfect compliment to any time of the year.

Shop Food Hampers with Alcohol

Add in their favourite bubbles, divine wine or craft beer for the perfect pairing with our Gourmet Food range

Alcohol & Food Hampers (30)

Beer Hampers (6)

Champagne Hampers (14)

Wine Hampers (8)

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Fabulous flavours from around the World


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The Whisk & Pin Bulletin will give you all the know how of the gourmet world with offers, news and events!

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