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Whisk & Pin’s Favourites Hamper

Our Favourites Hamper is overflowing with our most loved gourmet cookies and indulgent chocolate bars that will surprise, impress and delight any crowd. An indulgent selection suitable for 6-8 people.

Pancake Hamper

Preparing for a Pancake surprise? The Pancake Hamper is packed with the fluffiest, creamiest and tastiest pancakes you’ll ever try. We’ve paired in locally-sourced seasonal Australian honey, and our favourite cast-iron pancake pan for the perfect pancake every time. Absolutely sure to deliver a bountiful gourmet breakfast that won’t be soon forgotten.

The Rocky Road Hamper

An enticing gift of our most famous Rocky Roads – a selection of handmade chocolates, crafted from soft marshmallow, fresh nuts, flavoursome fruits and lathers of pure Belgian chocolate.

Little Celebration Hamper


Bubble bath again for grandma? Woollen socks for grandad? Gift voucher for mum? Or how about doing something different this year? Why not dispense with the ‘same old same old’ and send someone you love our Little Celebration Hamper that’s positively brimming with delicious yuletide excitement!

The choice is yours – watch granny’s eyes glaze over as she opens that bubble bath – or watch her go wild with crazy excitement when the lid comes off that hamper! The Whisk & Pin Little Celebration Hamper. It’s time for change.

Red Wine & Chocolate Hamper

Exquisite Whisk & Pin Belgian chocolates paired with Max’s Shiraz from Penfolds provides the means to a moment of ultimate comfort and indulgence.

The Feeling Fruity Hamper

Impress your fruity friend with our 100% naturally filled hamper of fabulous Australian dried fruits. This hamper is gluten-free and vegan.

Breakfast with Whisk & Pin Hamper


Stand back! There’s so much morning deliciousness bursting out of this hamper it’s likely to explode! But where to start? A cup of perfectly brewed English Williamson tea perhaps? A few deliciously creamy pancakes? Maybe a bowl of wholesome Muesli? We believe breakfast should be celebrated – not endured – and should be absolutely scrumptious always. So send a Whisk & Pin Breakfast Hamper today and let someone lift the lid on outrageous breakfast deliciousness.

Coffee & Chocolate Hamper


Combining the seductive indulgence of fine Belgian chocolate with the smooth and rich flavour of local roasted Cassiopeia coffee.

A Taste Of Whisk & Pin Hamper

Indulge yourself in our Taste of Whisk & Pin Hamper. We are inviting you to try a little of everything we make. This is perfect for a gift or any occasion allowing everyone to have a taste of Whisk & Pin!

Cookie Connoisseur Hamper


This charming collection of our favourite gourmet cookies is

Experience a sensational range of unique and tantalising cookie combinations and flavours, a true delight to any connoisseur of the cookie.

From our soft and chewy Muesli Cookies, melt-in-your-mouth buttery shortbreads, and to our creamy and crisp Hazelnut Espresso cookies.

Coffee Lovers Hamper


The perfect pick me up for the coffee enthusiast.

Included is the highly-sought seasonal blend from fellow Blue Mountains local Cassiopeia Coffee Roasters.

Australian Beer & Wine Hamper


The Australian Beer & Wine Hamper will bring together beer lovers and wine tipplers alike – with our favourite craft beers from locally brewed Mountain Culture Beer paired with the long-standing icon of Penfold’s Shiraz.

With our specially roasted nuts for nibbling, dark chocolate oranges for indulging, and buttery shortbreads for devouring – this hamper is simply the perfect mid-afternoon excuse to sit down and take a moment of enjoyment with someone special.


Beer & Chocolate Hamper

Featuring Mountain Culture Craft Beers (brewed right here in the Blue Mountains), our classic Belgian dark chocolate Rocky Road (oh, those chewy cranberries!), Almond & Hazelnut Cocoa Bites and more, this Hamper is for everyone out there who takes their Craft Beers & gorgeous Chocolate seriously!

Red Wine & Nibbles Hamper


Create a relaxing moment with a bottle of Max’s Shiraz from Penfolds, with a delicious range of nibbles; fresh roasted nuts, indulgent chocolate dipped oranges, flavoursome dried strawberries, and buttery shortbreads.

Gourmet BBQ & Beer Hamper


Bring out their barbequing-brilliance with a special collection of gourmet BBQ accoutrements and the refreshing taste of Mountain Culture craft beers.

Whether a probationary griller or barbeque baron – spice up their hot plate with these flavour-sizzling sauces, marinades, spice rubs and after lunch indulgences.

Nuts About Craft Beer Hamper


We’ve sourced locally brewed Mountain Culture beer to perfectly pair with our tremendous range of spiced, roasted and coated nuts.

From our mouth-watering Rosemary & Pink Salted Cashews, to our ever more-ish Spiced Nuts – we’ve even managed to include our indulgent double choc-coated Almond & Hazelnut Cocoa Bites.

Discover the flavour pairing of our luxe-nuts with our favourite beer – a match made in heaven.

*Mountain Culture beer selection subject to change depending on availability.

Fruit & Chocolate Hamper


When you can’t decide whether to be naughty or nice, with our Fruit & Chocolate Hamper we’ve simply said – why not both?

You’ll dazzle their tastebuds with a mouth-watering selection of our most popular dried Australian fruits, and the indulgence of our divine Belgian chocolate.


Cheers for Beers Hamper


It truly is the most wonderful time of beer, sorry, we mean year! Our Cheers For The Beers Hamper is packed with scrumptious Mountain Culture craft beers (brewed right here in the Blue Mountains), Spicy Nuts, Rosemary & Pink Salted Cashews, Hazelnut Espresso bite-size cookies and more! Perfect for your loved one, friend or colleague who loves a craft beer, gorgeous gourmet goodies and simply havin’ a wonderful Christmas time!

The Snacker’s Bounty Hamper

Brimming with Queensland sun-dried fruits, Dark Chocolate Orange, Rocky Road, Spiced Nuts and more. All individually wrapped and perfect for popping in a handbag, man bag, backpack or lunch box for when the munchies strike! This gorgeous Hamper is perfect for friends, colleagues or loved ones who are always on the go!

Gourmet BBQ Hamper


Bring out their barbequing-brilliance with a special collection of gourmet BBQ accoutrements.

Whether a probationary griller or barbeque baron – spice up their hot plate with these flavour-sizzling sauces, marinades, spice rubs and after lunch indulgences.

French Flavours Hamper

Fabulous French flavours fill this hamper to the brim, with everyone’s favourite French Champagne, small batch crafted Red Wine Braise Sauce, freshly roasted rosemary salted Cashews, mint drinking chocolate, and chocolate dipped dried oranges.

Welcome To Australia with Craft Beer

This hamper is what we consider an essential collection of Australian Gourmet ‘must haves’ – including our favourite Australian beers, locally brewed right here in the Blue Mountains. Uncover the fantastic flavours of Mountain Culture Craft Beer, with our spicy roasted nuts, indulgent Rocky Roads, natural tropical dried fruits from the sun-kissed farms of northern Queensland, organic Manuka Honey from the Eastern Coast, small batch crafted tomato sauce, delicate shortbreads, flavoursome cookies, and our light & fruity Summer Muesli. Whether you’re welcoming an unfamiliar face or tempting a well-versed local, this hamper will introduce their tastebuds to the awe-inspiring flavours of Australian gourmet food and craft beers.