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Red Wine & Chocolate Hamper

Exquisite Whisk & Pin Belgian chocolates paired with Max's Shiraz from Penfolds provides the means to a moment of ultimate comfort and indulgence.

Red Wine & Nibbles Hamper

Create a relaxing moment with a bottle of Max's Shiraz from Penfolds, with a delicious range of nibbles; fresh roasted nuts, indulgent chocolate dipped oranges, flavoursome dried strawberries, and buttery shortbreads.

Australian Beer & Wine Hamper

The Australian Beer & Wine Hamper will bring together beer lovers and wine tipplers alike - with our favourite craft beers from locally brewed Mountain Culture Beer paired with the long-standing icon of Penfold's Shiraz. With our specially roasted nuts for nibbling, dark chocolate oranges for indulging, and buttery shortbreads for devouring - this hamper is simply the perfect mid-afternoon excuse to sit down and take a moment of enjoyment with someone special.  

Indulgence with Rosé Hamper

A specially curated hamper highlighting Blue Mountains Handcrafted Gourmet products. Tantalise in a delicious selection of sweet and savory delights and a bespoke bottle of locally produced Dry Ridge Estate Rose.

Welcome To Australia with Penfolds Hamper

This hamper is what we consider an essential collection of Australian Gourmet 'must haves' - including the iconic full-bodied flavours of Penfold's Shiraz. Uncover the fantastic flavours of Mountain Culture Craft Beer, with our spicy roasted nuts, indulgent Rocky Roads, natural tropical dried fruits from the sun-kissed farms of northern Queensland, organic Manuka Honey from the Eastern Coast, small batch crafted tomato sauce, delicate shortbreads, flavoursome cookies, and our light & fruity Summer Muesli. Whether you're welcoming an unfamiliar face or tempting a well-versed local, this hamper will introduce their tastebuds to the awe-inspiring flavours of Australian gourmet food and Penfold's Shiraz.