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Whisk & Pin’s Favourites

A box of assorted gourmet cookies and indulgent chocolate bars that will surprise, impress and delight any crowd. An indulgent selection suitable for 6-8 people.
Chocolate Express

Chocolate Express Hamper

A taste of every thing that has chocolate! From our chocolate Roads to our chocolate Oranges there something that everyone will like.
Over Indulgence Hamper

Over Indulgence Hamper

The ultimate Hamper for the chocolate lovers. Anyone who loves chocolate needs to experience our Over Indulgence Hamper, filled with different types of chocolate suited for everyone who loves chocolate.

Coffee & Chocolate Hamper

Combining the seductive indulgence of fine Belgian chocolate with the smooth and rich flavour of local roasted Cassiopeia coffee.

Red Wine & Chocolate Hamper

Exquisite Whisk & Pin Belgian chocolates paired with Max's Shiraz from Penfolds provides the means to a moment of ultimate comfort and indulgence.

The Rocky Road Hamper

An enticing gift of our most famous Rocky Roads - a selection of handmade chocolates, crafted from soft marshmallow, fresh nuts, flavoursome fruits and lathers of pure Belgian chocolate.
Little Celebration Hamper

Little Celebration Hamper


Bubble bath again for grandma? Woollen socks for grandad? Gift voucher for mum? Or how about doing something different this year? Why not dispense with the ‘same old same old’ and send someone you love our Little Celebration Hamper that’s positively brimming with delicious yuletide excitement!

The choice is yours – watch granny’s eyes glaze over as she opens that bubble bath – or watch her go wild with crazy excitement when the lid comes off that hamper! The Whisk & Pin Little Celebration Hamper. It’s time for change.

Champagne & Chocolate Hamper

Exquisite Whisk & Pin Belgian chocolates paired with French Champagne provides the ultimate in comfort and indulgence.

The Ultimate Rocky Road Hamper

Rock someone's world with our Ultimate Rocky Road Hamper, a superb selection totalling 2.3kg of our most popular chocolate. They'll uncover a journey of incredible indulgence across all of our famous Rocky Roads. All our Rocky Roads are handcrafted from pure Belgian chocolate, combined with dried fruits and roasted nuts.

Dark Chocolate Hamper

A seductively indulgent selection of our most luxurious Dark Chocolates.

Hot Chocolate Hamper

For those that prefer to indulge in their chocolate habit one cup at a time, we bring you our Hot Chocolate Hamper for the perfect winter cocoa-fix or after-supper sipping. For delightful dipping you'll also find vanilla and raspberry marshmallows, and our favourite extra-large Whisk & Pin cookies.

Chocolaty Indulgence Hamper


A gorgeous and delicious hamper specially made for those chocoholics.

Whisk & Pin’s Fanciful Favourites

When the crowd calls for an indulgent and delicious after-lunch feast, this box of our most treasured Whisk & Pin cookies and chocolate bars will surprise, impress and delight. A grand selection suitable for 12-15 people.

Fruit & Chocolate Hamper

When you can't decide whether to be naughty or nice, with our Fruit & Chocolate Hamper we've simply said - why not both? You'll dazzle their tastebuds with a mouth-watering selection of our most popular dried Australian fruits, and the indulgence of our divine Belgian chocolate.  

The Weekend Hamper

Create a memorable weekend with our unforgettable taste sensations hidden within this hamper. Relax and enjoy the sun as you make your way through the weekend hamper.

Gluten Free Bite-Size Gift Box

Give that special gluten-free someone the gift of variety! With a choice of 4 cookies or chocolate varieties from our Bite-Size Cookie range, there is enough for everyone to love!