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Red Wine & Chocolate Hamper

Exquisite Whisk & Pin Belgian chocolates paired with Max's Shiraz from Penfolds provides the means to a moment of ultimate comfort and indulgence.

Red Wine & Nibbles Hamper

Create a relaxing moment with a bottle of Max's Shiraz from Penfolds, with a delicious range of nibbles; fresh roasted nuts, indulgent chocolate dipped oranges, flavoursome dried strawberries, and buttery shortbreads.

Australian Beer & Wine Hamper

The Australian Beer & Wine Hamper will bring together beer lovers and wine tipplers alike - with our favourite craft beers from locally brewed Mountain Culture Beer paired with the long-standing icon of Penfold's Shiraz. With our specially roasted nuts for nibbling, dark chocolate oranges for indulging, and buttery shortbreads for devouring - this hamper is simply the perfect mid-afternoon excuse to sit down and take a moment of enjoyment with someone special.  

Champagne & Chocolate Hamper

Exquisite Whisk & Pin Belgian chocolates paired with French Champagne provides the ultimate in comfort and indulgence.

Gourmet BBQ & Beer Hamper

Bring out their barbequing-brilliance with a special collection of gourmet BBQ accoutrements and the refreshing taste of Mountain Culture craft beers. Whether a probationary griller or barbeque baron – spice up their hot plate with these flavour-sizzling sauces, marinades, spice rubs and after lunch indulgences.

Happy Birthday Hamper

A perfect gift for a special person. We Have Created the perfect present including all your favorite Whisk & Pin products and a gorgeous bottle of champagne. Your loved one will be loving you this birthday.

Nuts About Craft Beer Hamper

We've sourced locally brewed Mountain Culture beer to perfectly pair with our tremendous range of spiced, roasted and coated nuts. From our mouth-watering Rosemary & Pink Salted Cashews, to our ever more-ish Spiced Nuts - we've even managed to include our indulgent double choc-coated Almond & Hazelnut Cocoa Bites. Discover the flavour pairing of our luxe-nuts with our favourite beer - a match made in heaven. *Mountain Culture beer selection subject to change depending on availability.

Indulgence with Rosé Hamper

A specially curated hamper highlighting Blue Mountains Handcrafted Gourmet products. Tantalise in a delicious selection of sweet and savory delights and a bespoke bottle of locally produced Dry Ridge Estate Rose.

Mother’s Day with Moët

A gift overflowing with opulence and sophistication. This Mother's Day, indulge mum with a hamper with a luxurious melody of delectable chocolates, nibbles and a bottle of pink French Champagne.

Self Indulgent Hamper

Treat Yourself with this small but gorgeous hamper. No better way to spend a day then to enjoy the peace of your own company with some extraordinary nibbles. This lovely hamper contains:
  • 1 x Taittinger Brut Réserve Champagne NV
  • 1 x Desert Road 320g
  • 1 x Rosemary & Pink Salted Cashews 125g
  • Presented in a Whisk & Pin Jute Bag with ribbon

French Flavours Hamper

Fabulous French flavours fill this hamper to the brim, with everyone's favourite French Champagne, small batch crafted Red Wine Braise Sauce, freshly roasted rosemary salted Cashews, mint drinking chocolate, and chocolate dipped dried oranges.

The Weekend Hamper

Create a memorable weekend with our unforgettable taste sensations hidden within this hamper. Relax and enjoy the sun as you make your way through the weekend hamper.

Beer & Chocolate Hamper

Featuring Mountain Culture Craft Beers (brewed right here in the Blue Mountains), our classic Belgian dark chocolate Rocky Road (oh, those chewy cranberries!), Almond & Hazelnut Cocoa Bites and more, this Hamper is for everyone out there who takes their Craft Beers & gorgeous Chocolate seriously!

A Picnic for Two

We've brought together a stunning selection of nibbles - both naughty and nice, to accompany one those moments when the sunshine calls. A bottle of fine French Champagne is complimented by our Dark Chocolate Oranges, dried fruits, roasted nuts, and bite-size cookies. Everything is conveniently tucked into our fabulous and reusable hessian carry bag to get your goodies to your favourite sit-down spot.

The Merrymaker’s Midnight Hamper

May your days be merry and bright - so the song goes! And what better way to make merry than with the Merry Makers Midnight Hamper! Sumptuous Christmas goodies, all gathered in one single hamper to bring the lucky recipient everything they could possibly need to make merry, including our glorious Belgian white chocolate Snowy Road, Christmas Pudding, Custard Sauce, hand-rolled cookies and more! Get the mistletoe ready and let the lucky recipient Make Merry!

Christmas Cider for Two Hamper

All we want for Christmas is you - and the Christmas Cider for Two Hamper! This Hamper is positively bursting with a host of gorgeous goodies for that special couple who love being cosy at Christmas. There’s boutique Hillbilly Vintage Cider, Christmas pudding, Rosemary & Pink Salted Cashews, Cinnamon Drinking Chocolate, Pineapple & Cardamom Jam and more! We’ve included everything here to make your special couple’s Christmas even more special – the only thing missing is the mistletoe!

Relaxation Zone

Jump into the relaxation zone with this hamper. Enjoy the light bubbles and tasty nibbles creating a relaxed environment which everyone can enjoy.

The Devine Dessert & Wine Hamper

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine, so sings Cliff Richard, but he surely meant Mistletoe, Wine AND Dessert! So allow us to introduce our Divine Dessert & Wine Hamper. After the mayhem of the day, this Hamper entices your friends or loved ones to find a quiet corner, slump down on the lounge and indulge in a quiet glass of Leeuwin Estate Sauvignon Blanc with a bowl of warm Christmas Pudding, or a full bodied Penfolds Max’s Shiraz with a chunk (or two) of our salted caramel Dessert Road (with a few deliciously chewy dried cherries on the side) and so much more! With Bing Crosby Dreaming of a White Christmas on repeat, could Christmas day really get any better?

The Christmas Champagne Breakfast Hamper

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine - or more specifically French Taittinger Champagne! The lucky recipient of our Christmas Champagne Breakfast hamper will be absolutely spoilt for breakfast choice this Christmas: anyone for a glass of French Champagne with a bowl of Berry Crunch Muesli? A stack of festive Cranberry & Orange pancakes? Or maybe some sumptuous Christmas Pudding with a dollop of heavenly Custard Sauce - it is Christmas after all! Give your loved one a Christmas breakfast they’ll remember forever!

Welcome To Australia with Craft Beer

This hamper is what we consider an essential collection of Australian Gourmet 'must haves' - including our favourite Australian beers, locally brewed right here in the Blue Mountains. Uncover the fantastic flavours of Mountain Culture Craft Beer, with our spicy roasted nuts, indulgent Rocky Roads, natural tropical dried fruits from the sun-kissed farms of northern Queensland, organic Manuka Honey from the Eastern Coast, small batch crafted tomato sauce, delicate shortbreads, flavoursome cookies, and our light & fruity Summer Muesli. Whether you're welcoming an unfamiliar face or tempting a well-versed local, this hamper will introduce their tastebuds to the awe-inspiring flavours of Australian gourmet food and craft beers.

Gourmet BBQ & Champagne Hamper

Bring out their barbequing-brilliance with a special collection of gourmet BBQ accoutrements and the dazzling crispness of fine French champagne (for that splash of sophistication). Whether a probationary griller or barbeque baron - spice up their hot plate with these flavour-sizzling sauces, marinades, spice rubs and after lunch indulgences.

The Afternoon Hamper

Looking forward to a relaxed afternoon, with a glass of champagne and nibbles? This hamper has got you all covered, containing chocolate and nuts with your favourite champagne.

The Hero of Christmas Hamper

Sure, the biggest hero on Christmas day is usually Santa – but this year our Hero of Christmas Hamper brings everything anyone could ever want and more! Packed with scrumptious festive goodness, this Hamper has everything to make this the best Christmas ever - from Turkey and Seafood Spice to Cranberry Sauce; from Sun Kissed Fruits to Almond & Hazelnut Cocoa Bites; from Dark Chocolate Orange to our sumptuous Christmas Pudding, and the excitement doesn’t stop there - the Hero of Christmas Hamper includes a bottle of exquisite French Taittinger Champagne that pairs so perfectly with our oh-I-couldn’t-possibly-but-if-you-insist Rocky Road!