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The Feeling Fruity Hamper

Impress your fruity friend with our 100% naturally filled hamper of fabulous Australian dried fruits. This hamper is gluten-free and vegan.

The Fabulously Fruity Hamper

When an apple a day just doesn’t cut it – deliver them a gift box positively and absolutely overflowing with our dazzling assortment of fantastic fruity delights.

Fruit & Chocolate Hamper


When you can’t decide whether to be naughty or nice, with our Fruit & Chocolate Hamper we’ve simply said – why not both?

You’ll dazzle their tastebuds with a mouth-watering selection of our most popular dried Australian fruits, and the indulgence of our divine Belgian chocolate.


The Fruitful Christmas Hamper

Nothing says Christmas quite like sumptuous dried fruit! Our Fruitful Christmas Hamper is packed with sumptuous dried cherries, strawberries, dried orange slices, wild baby figs and more. This Hamper is perfect for someone who loves making and baking their own festive puddings, pies and desserts – or someone who simply loves to serve up a gorgeous cheese platter that’s not only delicious, but a visual feast! Make this a Fruitful Christmas for someone you love!