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Almonds Whole & Raw


So you love Almonds? – who doesn’t, natural or slightly roasted we use then across a wide variety of our blends in muesli, nut mix’s and Almond meal in slices. We only use Australian straight from source, Carmel and if we can’t get them Nonpareil variety – packed full of health energy for you day. So if you like a handful to snack occasionally or regularly, add this pack to your shopping cart! If you want to know about the Almond check this site out.

Macadamia Pink Salted & Roasted


How can anyone resist these Ozzie nuts? – super delicious at any time!

We lightly roast for a delicate contrast in our Desert Road Chocolate blocks – White Belgian Chocolate in fused with fresh made caramel, throw in the salted macadamia’s and you have total deliciousness!

Pistachios Raw Kernel


Our premium raw pistachio kernels are perfect to add colour, flavour and texture to your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Toss through salads, add to baked cakes, crumbles or cookies, add to your favourite cereal or simply snack on them alone!

Hazelnuts Whole & Roasted


Hazelnuts are perfect in working with chocolate and also used to make praline, though we do use them in muesli also. Roasted or blanched natural these little guys are packed full of energy and plenty of health benefits. Though Nutella does snap up most of the worlds crops of Hazelnuts there are still plenty to go round most of the time!

Cashews Whole Raw


Cashews are grow as a tropical evergreen tree, up to 14 metre’s high, wow! Bold, softer texture than other nuts and very easy to eat in muesli. Totally unique in texture and flavour, natural or spiced up – an all-round favourite healthy snack!