Designed and made in the Central Coast NSW, by Jesse Killeen.

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Half Drawer Five

This stunning drawer is crafted from Tasmanian Maple. The inside of the drawer has a black lining perfect for a gift or person use.

Half Drawer Four

This hand turned drawer is made from Tasmanian Maple, with a unique handle making it easy to use. Inside the drawer there is a black lining, its a perfect gift or for personal use.

Half Drawer One

A beautiful drawer hand crafted out of Tasmanian Sassafras with a unique design of an open base and a sight wave as a handle. inside the drawer there is blue lining with a divide down the center splitting the drawer in two. This unique design makes it perfect for a special gift.

Half Drawer Three

This hand crafted drawer is made from Tasmanian Sassafras, with a back inning on the inside. This stunning drawer is Crafted perfectly for a gift to a loved one this Christmas.

Half Drawer Two

A stunning hand crafted drawer made from Yaka wood showing the beautiful natural pattern of the wood in the drawer. It has a blue inner lining and a easy to pull handle.

Large Bowl Four

A unique hand turned wooden bowl, curved around the edges, with a beautiful display of the wood textures.

Large Bowl One

A hand turned and crafted wooden bowl, stunning for a small fruit bowl on the middle of the table. This bowl is ideal for a gift or perfect for person use as well.
Large Bowl Three-0

Large Bowl Three

A beautiful hand Crafted Bowl, perfect for a center piece of the table holding appetizers such as rocky road or cookies. This bowl can be a stunning gift or great for person use.

Large Bowl Two

A stunning hand turned and curved bowl, with a think base and a unique shape. It is light in colour reveling the natural beauty of the wood.

Lightning Drawers

A Handcrafted set of drawers created by Jesse Killeen, from the central coast NSW. This design has a striking break down the middle, almost looking like it was stunk by lightning. This eye capturing design is perfect as an ornament in the lounge room, or can be use to store little items. It consist of three drawers with black lining in each one making it easy to open and close. This set of drawers is a stunning gift for everyone.

Round Drawer Four

This drawer is hand crafted with Rosewood creating a perfect gift for a loved one. This drawer has a black lining, with a easy to pull handle.

Round Drawer Three

This drawer is hand crafted with Tasmanian Sassafras creating a perfect gift for a loved one. This drawer has a black lining, with a easy to pull handle.

Round Drawer Two

This stunning drawer was hand crafted into this unique shape that is very eye catching, making it a perfect for little items such as keys or jewelry.

Small Bowl four

A small hand crafted bowl consisting of a natural edge of the wood bring the design to life. It would be perfect for a jewellery or a stunning ornament.

Small Bowl One

A small and crafted bowl,stunning as a display piece with a shallow middle making it perfect for car keys or other little items.

Small Bowl Two

A small hand crafted bowl, great addition to your kitchen, perfect for nuts or berries. You can see the light natural lines of the wood.

Tear Drawers

This unique hand crafted set of drawers is made from Tasmanian maple, which is a dark in colour wood creating a beautiful set of different shaped drawers. These drawers are shaped in two tear drops on top of each other. This unique design makes it perfect for a display piece and useful for storage of little objects. The drawers have a blue lining making it very easy to use.

Wave Drawer one

A Stunning hand crafted drawer with a unique wave structure making the drawer easy to pull in and out. The drawer is crafted out of yellow nut and has a blue lining inside the drawer.

Wave Drawer two

A hand crafted wave drawer that is easy to use, keep little items in a as a ornament it self as it shows its stunning natural lines in the wood.

Wood Keyring

A perfect little hand made wooden gift for this Christmas.It is easy to engrave creating a perfect personalized present.

Wooden Pens

A stunning hand made pen in black ink, a special present, or for personal use.