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Mason Cash Balloon Whisk and Reamer
Mason Cash

Mason Cash Balloon Whisk and Reamer


L 295 mm x W 48 mm x H 55 mm
The Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen range has been designed to offer multi-function to home bakers and cooks to give perfect results every time.
The Whisk and Reamer is a specially designed 2-in-1 Utensil. The stainless steel balloon whisk is perfect for whisking eggs, cream and cake mixtures and the reamer handle is perfect for juicing lemons and limes.Care & Use: Handwash only

Pyrolus procast pancake pan

Pyrolux Procast Pancake Pan


The Pyrolux Pyrocast 19cm Crepe Pan will perform perfectly every time. With all the credentials to become a cast iron heritage piece, it is suitable for use on all cooking surfaces including induction and of course, an open fire. The sides are exceptionally low to allow you to lift your crepes without having to work over high edges and the pan will develop a non-stick patina over time, making it your go-to pan for all seasons Follow the instructions included with your pan and after each use, wash in hot water, dry thoroughly then apply a fine film of oil to prevent corrosion between uses. As with all cast iron cookware, the even heat distribution and retention means it is essential to use protective hand wear.

Mason Cash Hart Red 29cm Mixing bowl
Mason Cash

Mason Cash Heart Red 29cm Mixing bowl


L 290 mm x W 290 mm x H 140 mm.
The 29cm Red Hearts Mixing Bowl is part of the Mason Cash Hearts range, designed with embossed hearts around the outside. The outer pattern helps to grip the bowl while the white interior provides easy cleaning. Care & Use: Microwave Safe, Dishwasher Safe

Mason Cash

Mason Cash Roller Shaker 30×7.5cm


L 80 mm x W 80 mm x H 300 mm

The Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen range delivers smart solutions for day to day kitchen needs. The Roller Shaker is an all-in-one rolling pin, flour shaker and pastry measure.
Care & Use
Handwash only

Mason Cash

Mason Cash Cane S9 (32cm) Mixing Bowl

The Mason Cash S9 (32cm) mixing bowl is perfect for batches of bread, cookie, pastry, batter and pudding mixtures. Made from high quality, chip resistant earthenware, the bowl is heavy enough to counter the tendency to move during manual mixing. Care & Use: Microwave Safe, dishwasher Safe. L 320 mm x W 320 mm x H 165 mm