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Coming soon… Whisk & Pin Paleo

Whisk & Pin Paleo Granola  New Paleo Muesli Packaging

It’s never been crafted or blended here before, but we’re about to introduce our very first Paleo Granola. Our Paleo will feature premium whole ingredients, attentively prepared with taste and texture in mind. Nutty, crunchy, nourishing and exhilaratingly flavoursome. Prepare to ignite your tastebuds with a paleo granola, Whisk & Pin style! All gourmet, all natural whole ingredients and tantalisingly delicious! Don’t expect scattered pieces of nuts or fine ingredients – Instead experience whole almonds, macadamias, shredded dried coconut and a hint of maple syrup all heavenly roasted to perfection. Can’t wait for you to try it!

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