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Lemon Vanilla Shortbread GF Bite-Size Cookies 150g


A fantastic 150g box of zesty lemon gluten-free shortbread with a twist of sweet vanillla.

Perfect as a gift or to share with friends – or keep one in the pantry for unexpected guests!

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Glorious Vanilla GF Muffin Mix 400g


A scrumptious combination of the finest ingredients with real vanilla.

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Vanilla Bean Drinking Chocolate 200g


The Vanilla Bean Drinking Chocolate is unique. Ethically grown, moist, plump and incredibly aromatic Papua New Guinea vanilla beans in each pack. They infuse with our fine Original cocoa, steeping a fantastic flavour throughout. Vanilla acts like nature’s flavour enhancer, brightening and intensifying the chocolate experience.

The Vanilla Bean Drinking Chocolate is made using most of the cocoa bean. The high cocoa butter content gives the cocoa a remarkable textural mouth feel when it blends with hot milk. This creates an incredibly sumptuous and invigorating hot chocolate experience.

The quality cocoa beans together with a minimum of processing, means it has very high levels of antioxidants and flavonoids. These are the great “health giving” properties of fine chocolate.

Grounded Pleasures

Organic Vanilla Beans


These Organic Vanilla Beans are proudly sourced directly from farmer co-ops on the upper reaches of the mighty Fly River in Western Papua New Guinea, one of the finest vanilla growing regions in the world.

Plump and ripe, full of fantastic flavour and aroma, the beans are naturally high in Vanillin. They are perfect for baking, ice cream and other desserts. Each tube contains three organic vanilla beans.