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Grounded Pleasures

Organic Raw Cacao Nibs 200g


These Organic Raw Cacao Nibs are sourced from Ecuador, where growers produce some of the world’s finest cocoa. We are privileged to bring you some rare heirloom ‘National Cacao’, which has lovely fruity notes and unique smoothness. These characteristics are even more remarkable, given that they are raw, unroasted cacao beans. These flavoursome Organic Raw Cacao Nibs retain all their health benefits and are utterly delicious.

Organic Raw Cacao Nibs can be used in any recipe as a decadent healthy alternative to chocolate chips or added to many desserts. Great to use in smoothies, on top of your breakfast, or just eat them by themselves as a delicious and wholesome chocolate hit.

Biosota Organics

Biosota Manuka Honey MGO 30+ with Choco 350g

Manuka honey + Cacao is a delicious delicacy with intense flavour and rich texture. It’s made of Australian Manuka honey and cacao which are both 100% natural ingredients. Use Biosota’s Manuka honey + Choco instead of nut-based spreads on toast, in cakes, on waffles, or as a dip, wherever you use chocolate. ***PLEASE NOTE: Product has short best before date Jan 23***