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The Sticky Pot

Spicy Mango Chutney 311g


Made with fresh in season mangoes, this Chutney has a lovely kick to it courtesy of the birds eye Chilli that’s in it.

Great on a roast, on the side of a curry or even on a cheese board, this Chutney is tasty and versatile in its uses.

Peter Watson

Thai Green Curry Paste 250g


Traditional and much loved Thai green curry. The recipe for a great Green Curry meal is on the label, it is simple and very easy to follow.

Peter Watson

Hot English Mustard 250g


A ‘real’ Hot English mustard should not be made with either fillers or with hot water, nor should it have any additional ‘heat’ added. We follow all the rules and produce a true English mustard using both brown and yellow mustard seeds.

Peter Watson

Hot & Spicy Tomato Sauce 500ml


The traditional sauce with a hot and spicy edge. Great with pies and sausage rolls.

Peter Watson

Harissa Paste 125g


A hot fiery condiment, often referred to as ‘spicy’. A middle Eastern condiment used in a myriad of dashes.

Whisk & Pin

Spiced Nuts


Whisk & Pin is proud to bring you this deliciously more-ish snack made from freshly- roasted Australian nuts and aromatic spices.

Munch on our nuts during Happy Hour or any time you’re feeling peckish. Toss some through a salad or grab a handful for the ultimate healthy snack.