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Rounded Honey Spoon


This spoon is a fully integrated moulded shape so it is easy to clean and no honey becomes trapped in cracks. It also has a V-shaped tip which stops the honey from dripping. Simply twist the handle in a circular motion to halt flow. Easy to clean. measurements: H, 1.8cm L, 14.3.


Oroshi Grater Spoon


This grater is in the shape of a spoon for convenient use. Use it to grate and stir ginger into your tea for an easy and flavorful cup of ginger tea. You only grate as much spice as necessary, so there are no leftovers or waste.

Mason Cash

Mason Cash 3-in-1 Baker’s Spoon

The Baker’s Spoon with Jar Scraper is ideal for beating, stirring and blending. This 3-in-1 utensil features measurements for 1 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon and 1/2 teaspoon on the spoon head and a silicone jar scraper and spatula on the handle. The Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen range has been designed to offer multi-function to home bakers and cooks to give perfect results every time.

Kilner Honey Pot & Drizzler Spoon 400ml


The stylish Kilner honey pot complete with beech wood dipper is ideal for storing and serving your honey. Also versatile for preserving and pickling any fruits and vegetables. Honeypot features a clip top lid and rubber seal for freshness. Capacity: 400ml.