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Buttermilk Powder

Albumen Powder

The secret ingredient to your baking, this egg white powder (‘albumen’) is made from quality eggs. Use in place of fresh egg whites. How do I reconstitute and use the egg white? One part by weight of Egg White Powder to seven parts by weight of water. Determine the amount of water required, then add the powder to the water while mixing. Whisk or beat to desired consistency. Refrigerate any reconstituted Egg White Powder between 0 deg C and 4 deg C and use within 24 hours.
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Apple & Spice GF Pancake Mix 400g


Gorgeously gluten-free, packed full of delicious biodynamic apple and made to satisfy and delight the gluten-intolerant amongst us, along with all of us who just love a gorgeous pancake.

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Dark Belgian Chocolate GF Muffin Mix 450g


Gloriously dark with decadent chunks of real Belgian chocolate.

Raspberries Freeze-Dried Whole

Raspberry Freeze-Dried Whole

Unbelievably intense in flavour, our freeze dried berries are fantastic additions to desserts, muesli, or to eat on their own! Whole raspberries are put into a vacuum chamber where all moisture is extracted, leaving behind the berries in the full form.