Friends of Whisk & Pin

The Lolly Bug – Little Hartley

If you’re ever traveling from Sydney to Lithgow you have been passed it, or you have been dragged in there by a little kid…. or a big kid. You can’t miss the yellow VW bugs out the front.

The Lolly Bug is a delight to everyone who arrives at its colourful doorstep. The first step inside will be a sensory overload, stocked with over 2000 types of sweet treats, chocolates, liquorice and more in very flavour and colour you could think of. They are known for their large range and they will have your favourite lollies and plenty you have never even seen or heard of before. From the far reaches of the earth, they have gathered the finest in confectionary old fashioned English sweets, Scottish and Dutch treats as well as some good old Aussie favourites. From Jelly belly’s and rock candy to sugar and gluten free, lollipops and so much more

The lolly bug started with a sweet-toothed Sharon looking to fulfil her calling of owning a lolly shop. A childhood dream turned into a reality in 2006 when the doors opened and children from far and wide flooded in bugging their parents for lollies.

The farmhouse dates back to the 1800’s and has a sticky history of outlaws, mining, ghosts and convicts. The original timber log beams still hold the Lolly Bug in place. Colour now fills the old farmhouse and Ooos and Ahhs from bug-eyed children are heard throughout the valley.

The sweet tooth gene runs in the family with Chloe and her baby daughter Mikayla also helping run the shop. Mikayla is living every child’s dream of growing up in a lolly shop! Sharon’s only vice is the Whisk & Pin Rocky Road and after many years of selling Whisk & Pin products, she still can’t get enough of it.

The Lolly Bug fills its shelves with a large range of Whisk & Pin gourmet goodies, some of the store favourites are the Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie, our handmade cookies are snapped up at first sight and the rocky roads never seem to last long in the hands of a road-tripping family.

The Lolly Bug is located in the Hartley Valley just 25 minutes from Katoomba and 10 minutes from Lithgow on the Great Western Highway.

2297 Great Western Highway Little Hartley NSW