Friends of Whisk & Pin

Cassiopeia Specialty Coffee Roasters

Whisk & Pin believes in collaborating with like-minded local Blue Mountains-based producers – and Cassiopeia Specialty Coffee fits that ‘bean’.

“For us, sourcing that finest ingredient is key to our philosophy of ‘hand-picked, hand-blended or hand-made’. We are also passionate about each process in the mix…” says Graham Sandilant.

Like Whisk & Pin, Cassiopeia is all about sourcing, developing and being involved in every step of the production process. Both Katoomba-based businesses believe in consistently producing good quality product, with an eye out for the best producers, farms and crops; and working with seasonal ingredients.

Cassiopeia works with various co-ops throughout the world, from Ethiopia, Kenya, to Guatemala and Panama; and looks at each grower carefully in regards to Fair Trade and ethical practices. Both Katoomba-based businesses share common DNA – working with locals in ‘the slow food’ method of appreciating ‘paddock to plate’; carrying an understanding and appreciation of the ‘ingredient’s journey’ from the farm, plantation or crop, to the enjoyment on the table.

From that finest grain of cereal enclosed in a husk, to that coffee seed enclosed in a cherry, (yes, that’s right, a cherry); each grain and seed is afforded the same level of attention. Product for both is sold fresh with a recommended shelf life.

“As a local producer, it’s important for us to recognise, embrace and collaborate with like-minded businesses in the mountains – cross pollination is healthy in a community.” Graham.

Both businesses are hands-on and don’t outsource any part of the production – from roasting, grinding, packaging to brewing – from sourcing, blending, baking to packaging; and both Whisk & Pin and Cassiopeia have loyal followings.