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Clémence Organics

Rosehip + French Clay Bath Soak 250g


Formulated by Naturopath Bridget Carmady to enhance beauty + health without compromise:

  • Rosehip fruit extract offers potent anti-inflammatory benefits, soothing inflamed skin
  • Detoxifying French clay draws out toxins and impurities, clarifying skin tone
  • Himalyan and Dead Sea mineral salts, rich in Magnesium and trace elements, relax muscles and soothe skin
  • Organic Rose Otto, Geranium and Palmarosa oils not only create a relaxing and restorative scent, but act as gentle anti-bacterial and anti-fungals to keep skin infections in check
  • 100% home compostable packagingA soothing and detoxifying bath salt blend, enriched with magnesium, vitamin c, vitamin e, beta-carotene and antioxidants, formulated to restore skin to health. The addition of Rosehip fruit extract offers potent anti-inflammatory benefits and will help soothe inflamed skin. French red and pink clays provide further toning and detoxifying benefits, drawing impurities from the skin. A gentle blend of essential oils, including rose otto and geranium, create a relaxing and restorative scent, as well as providing gentle anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits to keep skin infections in check.Run yourself a bath and whilst water is running add half a cup of bath soak and mix well.Patch testing recommended before first use.