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Gluten Free Muesli 1kg
Gluten Free Muesli 100g Cello 80g
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Gluten Free Muesli


Light and delicious, Whisk & Pin Gluten Free Muesli has been specially blended for those intolerant to gluten and wheat products. Wonderful dried oranges, granny smith apples and strawberries are hand mixed with almonds and hazelnuts for a stunning taste sensation. This muesli is bursting with flavour, looks beautiful and is both healthy and satisfying.

Mountain Granola 100g Cello 100g
Whisk & Pin

Mountain Granola


Whisk & Pin Mountain Granola is exactly how toasted muesli is meant to be: crunchy, moreish and sweetened with just the right amount of Blue Mountains Honey. It is packed full of almonds, toasted rolled oats, triticale, pepitas, cranberries, sultanas, linseeds and apricots and is a fantastic start to everyone’s day.

Enjoy Mountain Granola throughout the day – as a sustaining, wholesome breakfast; or sprinkled over yoghurt for a healthy lunch; as a delicious topping for fruit crumbles or simply nibble straight from the pack.

Whisk & Pin

Berry Crunch Muesli


Our superbly delicious BERRY CRUNCH MUESLI is packed with 16 amazing ingredients. Every mouthful is a sensational combination of freeze-dried Australian berries, spiced pecans, nutritious seeds, and crunchy golden multi-grains baked in Blue Mountains honey and organic Canadian maple syrup

This best seller is full of antioxidants and is high in fibre. Eat it for breakfast, as a delicious snack with yoghurt, sprinkle over stewed fruit or grab a handful when you’re peckish.

Raspberry Freeze-Dried Whole


Unbelievably intense in flavour, our freeze dried berries are fantastic additions to desserts, muesli, or to eat on their own! Whole raspberries are put into a vacuum chamber where all moisture is extracted, leaving behind the berries in the full form.

Almond & Quinoa Gluten Free Muesli 80g 80g
Whisk & Pin

Almond & Quinoa Gluten Free Granola

At last; a gluten-free roasted muesli that not only nourishes the body and is free from hidden nasties – but most importantly tastes totally delicious! Simply bursting with the robust nuttiness of organic quinoa puffs, pure stringybark honey, crunchy almonds, cashews and pepitas; our ever so light and scrumptious Almond & Quinoa roasted muesli will make you never want to miss a breakfast again!

Blueberry Freeze-Dried Whole


Only the freshest Tasmanian-grown Blueberries make it into our freeze-dried berries. First they are washed and frozen, then freeze-dried. After 24 hours in the freeze dryer they are crisp, dry and moisture-free.
It takes 7kg of fresh Blueberries to create 1kg of freeze-dried Blueberries.

Organic Quinoa Puffs


With a natural toasty and nutty flavour, our Quinoa Puffs add crunch and nutrition to our Almond Quinoa GF Muesli. Quinoa produces its own tannins which act as a natural insecticide to protect the plant. These tannins are quite bitter in taste, so the quinoa is extensively washed before being puffed in a high heat vacuum chamber.

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Spiced Nuts


Whisk & Pin is proud to bring you this deliciously more-ish snack made from freshly- roasted Australian nuts and aromatic spices.

Munch on our nuts during Happy Hour or any time you’re feeling peckish. Toss some through a salad or grab a handful for the ultimate healthy snack.

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Mountain Granola Bar 60g

This marvellously more-ish, dairy free, fruit and nut bar is HANDCRAFTED with our original Mountain Granola, Blue Mountains honey, almond and apricot. At last - a granola bar that not only nourishes your body, but inspires your tastebuds. Thank you for being a part of our passion for locally made gourmet food - a simple yet rewarding joy in life!
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Anzac Biscuit


A classic Anzac Biscuit complete with rolled oats, coconut and golden syrup. This is the real deal, with all the crunch and taste you expect from a traditional favourite Australian biscuit!