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Rocky Road Chocolate Block 320g


Indulgent, seductive, dark 100% Belgian chocolate and luscious ruby-red cranberries hand-mixed with sweet vanilla marshmallows and tender slithers of coconut – and all handcrafted into alluring 320g blocks of delicious enticement.

These stunning 320g Blocks of Chocolaty Indulgence are perfect for sharing with family & friends either at home, on a picnic, at dinner parties, or on your own with the door firmly closed.

The Sticky Pot

Blueberry & Coconut Jam 300g

Dark, rich, sticky with a nutty hint of toasted coconut. It's blueberry jam, but not as you know it.
Silvertip Specialty Tea

Coconut Truffle Flavoured White Tea 100g


Sweet coconut and truffle combined with rich chocolate make this white tea and fruit combination taste like an exotic chocolate bar. A cold brew and iced tea treat.

How to prepare

Brew 2-3 minutes at 70C-90C.

Whisk & Pin

Rocky Road Chocolate Bar

This delicious Rocky Road Chocolate Bar is HANDCRAFTED with dark Belgian chocolate, luscious cranberries and coconut. Darkly indulgent and totally decadent. Thank you for being a part of our passion for locally made gourmet food - a simple yet rewarding joy in life!