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Mountain Culture Beer Hamper


Discover the Blue Mountains’ finest collaboration of handcrafted gourmet food and boutique beer. With a trio selection of fresh-brewed craft beer, any beer connoisseur will be in beer heaven with these specially selected varieties:

Double Red IPAClean citrus and tropical fruits dance around thick candied malt you could almost chew

Disco Bubbles Motueka Hopped SourIt’s zingy, bright, citrusy but still has a good bit of tang

Moon Dust StoutRich cocoa and coffee notes rise above its smooth, creamy caramel body


Gourmet BBQ Hamper

Bring out their barbequing-brilliance with a special collection of gourmet BBQ accoutrements. Whether a probationary griller or barbeque baron – spice up their hot plate with these flavour-sizzling sauces, marinades, spice rubs and after lunch indulgences.